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Friday, February 9, 2018
Communications and community development: Initial results and orientations for 2018
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In 2018, the climate change project’s communications and community development (CCD) activities will focus on activities for promoting awareness raising and behavioral change in response to climate change issues. In addition, coordination between provinces will promote reflection as well as sharing results, lessons and experiences.

These orientations for 2018 were agreed at an annual CCD review meeting held in  Ninh Thuan province on 16 January 2018. Attending were experts from the Technical Support Unit (TSU) as well as CCD focal points from the Project Coordination Units (PCUs) of three provinces; Ha Tinh, Ninh Thuan and Binh Thuan.

In relation to activities in 2017, the participants affirmed that one of the most successful activities was the establishment of the CCD networks in each provinces. The networks have attracted the participation of many people, including the recipients of training courses on climate change, integrated water resource management and urban planning. They have also been equipped with CCD skills, and then participated in CCD activities in localities in an effective manner. 

All together in 2017 the provincial projects have organized more than 60 CCD activities, with the direct participation of more than 3,500 people. 

The activities were implemented in different forms, such as development of communications tools, organizing contests, forums, seminars, round-tables, and tours for experience sharing, and many other activities in localities.

Through this work tens of thousands of people have been introduced to key messages on climate change, integrated water resource management and urban planning. The activities have accordingly contributed to changed behaviors in responding to climate change of these people, who include managers, ordinary people, and entrepreneurs. 

Notably, the CCD staff not only have highlighted activities that have and will be implemented, but have also shared experiences in implementing the activities, including experiences in attracting the participation of the community and private sectors, experiences in communications in mass media, and experiences in producing communications tools such as video clips.

Photo: Producing communications tools

As part of the TSU’s ongoing role for technical support, the TSU’s 2017 CCD activities aimed to work with the whole program. Specifically, the TSU put into operation the program’s website: This website covers all information about activities in the three provinces; Ha Tinh, Ninh Thuan and Binh Thuan. The website has also been linked with the websites of the province-level projects, and of relevant ministries, sectors, and donors. 

Thanks to this, this website has become a good information source for sharing activities’ results of projects with ministries, donors, and international organizations. Traffic to the TSU website includes more than 12,700 hits to the Vietnamese-language version, and more than 11,500 hits to the English-English version. 

In addition, the material set for communications on climate change, integrated water resource management and urban planning complied by TSU has been regarded as a helpful source of information for the province-level projects. 

This material set has provided basic information for projects under the program to develop communications tools suitable to different trainees, under the forms of posters, pamphlets, manuals, contests, and round-tables. 

“In addition to this set of materials, TSU’s support for CCD at the locality level over the past time has become very useful,” said Vo Ngoc Minh, vice director of the Management Unit of Water Resources in Ninh Thuan.

This support, in addition to creativeness, high responsibility and diligence of experts and CCD staff, and support from coordinating units of all levels have contributed to driving CCD activities to great success under the set strategy. 

In order to further promote communications channels though the project’s websites, and support province-level projects to be effectively implemented in 2018, TSU’s experts and staff have also shared some skills and experiences in writing news and stories on websites. 

The meeting achieved its desired goals, while highlighting the fact that CCD activities have been conducted in close combination with other activities. Moreover, the close links between projects is quite to the achievement of the project’s goals and the program in general. It has also contributed to the sustainability of the program and the projects.

A number of photos about CCD activities in the three provinces where the project is implemented:

Photo: Training course on raising awareness about climate change in Ha Tinh province

Photo: A drawing contest for pupils and a forum with young people in Ha Tinh province  

Photo: A contest for women and a communications activity in Binh Thuan province

Photo: A round-table on green lifestyle and activities about planting trees, contributing to responding to climate change in Ninh Thuan province.

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