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Saturday, April 21, 2018
Launching the club: “Going to the market – Pride of housewives”
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Working with the Women’s Union Phan Rang-Thap Cham city, the coordination unit of the Belgian-funded climate change project has launched a club named “Going to the market – Pride of housewives”. The project, known officially as “Integrated water resource management and urban planning in relation to climate change in Ninh Thuan province” has a strong communications component aimed towards raising awareness of a variety of issues in relation to conservation, “green living” and protecting water resources.

The Club aims to engage in a wide range of specific activities to raise awareness with women in particular, and of the whole community in general, in limiting the use of non-recyclable plastic bags. This will greatly contribute to reducing waste as well as conserving and energy and resources, which are all part of messages relevant to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and effectively responding to climate change.

The city’s Women’s Union will establish on a pilot basis this club in seven communes and quarters of the city, under the financial support from the Project.

The launching ceremony of the first club in Thanh Hai commune’s Thanh Y hamlet was participated in by more than 200 people, who are representatives for the city’s Women’s Union, Party Committee, and Vietnam Fatherland Front, and also for the commune’s Party Committee and People’s Committee. The ceremony was also joined by Nam Thanh Co., Ltd. and the women’s unions of 16 communes and quarters of the city, and by more than people from Thanh Y hamlet.

At the ceremony, all participants are provided with information about climate change, and the consequences of the usage of nylon bags on human health and the environment. Also, information about solutions to cope with climate change was also provided at the event, where the participants were also updated with the club’s operational regulations.

Initially the club has about 50 members, and the figure will be expanded in the time to come.

As scheduled, another six clubs in the remaining quarters and communities will be set up within April 2018. Together with the establishment of these clubs, Ninh Thuan authorities will also implement many communications and community-oriented activities via many channels, such as loudspeakers, photos and pictures, and conferences and workshops.

This is aimed to maintain and enhance the results of the project, and also to contribute to coping with climate change in the province.

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I must congratulate and appreciate the efforts taken by the group to promote the awareness of water conservation Through women in particular. It is a wise thing to participate women in the programme as it would extend the reach of the issue. . Nowadays the entire world is affecting the problems related to climate change. The main cause of this climate change is the improper usage of various resources by the human. Now it’s time for rethink about it and we must plan for a suitable usage of such resources. I think this program will focus on that.

By assignment geek @ Friday, May 11, 2018 10:29 PM
It looks like almost everyone had a great time at the event and these are some really lovely pictures that you shared with us. Really looking forward to attending the next event.

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By sumitina @ Friday, May 18, 2018 4:46 PM
In every country this type of club is good for women women engage in this activity for exploring new ideas

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