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Saturday, April 21, 2018
Results of study on the impacts of saltwater intrusion in the lower Dinh River presented at a workshop in Ninh Thuan province
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On March 23, 2018, the Ninh Thuan provincial People’s Committee organised a workshop for presenting the results of the study on impacts of saltwater intrusion on the lower reached of the Dinh river and proposed solutions.

The study, conducted by the Southern Institute of Water Resources Research and the Institute for Hydropower and Renewable Energy, is part of the Belgium-funded project for  “Integrated water resource management and urban planning in relation to climate change” in Ninh Thuan province.

The study process included collecting information, on-site surveys, and numerical analysis of the Dinh river estuary to assess the influences of saltwater intrusion. Proposals were developed for solutions and responses to the identified issues.


In order to conduct accurate assessments of the influences of saltwater intrusion and develop response solutions, the consultant agency made surveys in 20 communes and wards along the Dinh river, in the districts of Ninh Son, Ninh Phuoc, and Phan Rang – Thap Cham city. The survey area covered 120 square kilometres.

By conducting on-site surveys and combining this with other mapping data in GIS, the consultants were able to appraise the current situation and likely issues associated with salinity in the river and the groundwater in adjacent areas. A numerical model was developed for the river estuary in order to simulate both existing scenarios and future climate-change scenarios. Based on this analysis options for solutions to specific issues were developed.

At the workshop, stakeholders in Ninh Thuan expressed their appreciation for the work of the consultants. Stakeholders also suggested that the consultants conduct additional assessment work so that more effective proposals can be made in order to change the local people’s livestock production and agricultural activities in the study area.

Moreover, it is necessary for the study to have more comparisons so that clearer influences of saltwater intrusion can be seen in the river’s lower reaches.

Experts from the Technical Support Unit (TSU) have also proposed that the consultant conduct assessments about underground water reserves in different periods of time. The consultant should also make specific proposals about those who will be impacted by the study.

It is expected that the final results report and recommendations for solutions will be completed and transferred by the end of May 2018. Application of the results will support Ninh Thuan province to  improve measures to respond to saltwater intrusion and enhance capacity in the relevant departments, agencies and affected communities.

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All the students should attend this workshop and they should be aware of the impacts of saltwater intrusion. Attending these will help them to know more about the climatic changes and also other essential environmental impacts that the public should take care of.

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