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Friday, May 19, 2017
Supporting technical review of results from the climate change studies and finalising the list of equipment for the early warning system
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In the morning of April 21, 2017 at the office of the Technical Support Unit (TSU), the Management Unit of Water Resources (MCDU) held a joint meeting with the TSU and representatives of two consulting units in charge of implementing studies within the Belgian-funded project of “Integrated water resource management and urban planning related to climate change in Ninh Thuan province”.

The meeting was aimed to review issues related to the technical consultancy on existing and future climate data, and the analysis in service of water resources management in Ninh Thuan province. This study is known as “climate change study” in short.

The meeting was also used for discussing technical qualifications of monitoring equipment in the study of “Developing the early warning system in the Dinh river basin”, which is called the “Early warning study” in short.

The meeting was attended by local and international experts coming from TSU, including Mr. Ian Wood – an international coordinator, Mr. Russell Boals – senior expert in hydrometeorology and early warning, Mr. Phil Graham – senior expert in hydrometeorology and climate change, and Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Bach and Mr. Dang Vu Khac – senior experts in general management of water resources, and GIS.

Also participating in the meeting was representatives from MCDU and two consulting units including the Sub-institute for Hydrometeorology and Climate Change which is in charge of climate change consultancy, and the Vietnam Academy for Water Resources which is in charge of early warning studies.

While discussing technical issues and presenting the results of the climate change study in Ninh Thuan, the TSU experts proposed that the Sub-institute for Hydrometeorology and Climate Change pay attention to revising and presenting results in the final report. It is because this study’s results will lay an important foundation for the implementation of other relevant studies and for the mobilisation of investment capital from donors for next activities. The study’s results are expected to be completed within May 2017.

The TSU experts also highly valued all technical qualifications and monitoring equipment of the early warning study. However, they also suggested that there should be specific surveys over the topographic and climatic conditions of the piloting areas, so that more specific assessment and estimations can be made for the areas, and sufficient equipment can be ensured as well.

At present, the consulting units are boosting the implementation of surveys and installation of equipment, in the hope of that the early warning system can be put into use for the flood season of 2018 in Ninh Thuan. This will contribute to improving the capacity of responding to climate change in the province.

(Compiling from a story posted on the website:, by Ho Phuong Vu).