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Friday, February 9, 2018
A lifebuoy for anti-flooding in the west of Ha Tinh City
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To alleviate frequent flooding in the west of Ha Tinh city, especially in the Song Da urban area in Tran Phu quarter, drainage improvement works will be constructed under the Belgium-funded project of “Integrated water resource management and urban planning related to climate change (IWMC Ha Tinh).

Heavy flooding

Whenever the rainy season comes, Nguyen Van Chien who lives in Residential Group No.9 of Tran Phu quarter the central city of Ha Tinh, feels very anxious about flooding. It is because the residential area’s drainage system is too small and cannot drain water away quickly when the rains come. The area becomes inundated with both wastewater and rain-water, causing heavy pollution and sometimes reaching to the level of household floors.

“Wastewater and rain-water run into the same sewers, which are inadequate and shallow. Meanwhile, they are not connected with the Song Da urban area’s main water drainage channel, which is also narrow and shallow, making it difficult for water drainage. Thus, it is very slow for the water to run away and all the inhabitants here still suffer from pollution,” Chien said.

Ho Quoc Tuan, chairman of Tran Phu quarter’s People’s Committee, said that every year, local inhabitants often dredge the water drainage channel.

“However, the channel remains ineffective as it cannot prevent flooding. Because this residential area will be divided into other living areas under the city’s planning, it is a priority to build a new water drainage channel which runs directly to the Hoi So culvert in the nearby Thach Linh quarter,” Tuan said.

The western water drainage channel of Ha Tinh City will run parallel with the irrigation channel of Thach Linh quarter

Solution to prevent flooding

Over the past many years, local inhabitants and authorities want to build the western water drainage channel of Ha Tinh City, especially when the climate change trends indicate increasing intensity of rainfall.

In this context, the Belgium-funded project of “Integrated water resource management and urban planning related to climate change (IWMC Ha Tinh) has proposed the construction of a water drainage channel in the west of the city.

The total channel length of 1.7km comprises of a 1.5km section starting from the Song Da urban area to the west of the N19 irrigation channel and a 200-metre branch channel which runs from the Song Da urban area and is perpendicular to the main channel.

The works will cost about VND19.8 billion ($900,000).

All the details of the projects regarding height, slope, and capacity will be carefully calculated and assessed in an architecturally- and environmentally-friendly manner. At the same time, all research results in terms of climate change scenarios, hydrological and hydraulic models, and planning ideas will also be introduced into the project’s economic-technical and design report.

The project’s co-ordinator Tran Dinh Quang said that the western water drainage channel of Ha Tinh City is now being designed. Construction is expected to be completed during 2018. The city is seeking private investment capital sources to develop public services under the public-private partnership (PPP).

“Direct competitive bidding packages will be applied, helping the project to be implemented in an effective and sustainable manner,” Quang said.

In addition, it will be quite favourable to conduct the project’s site clearance because the land earmarked for the construction of the project currently is managed by authorities and does not belong to any households.

The city of Ha Tinh commits to conduct site clearance for the project as per request from the project and make the best conditions for the implementation of the whole project./.

By Quang Minh from Ha Tinh Newspaper