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Friday, January 13, 2017
Symposium on water resources management study in Luy River basin- Binh Thuan Province
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( On April 6, 2016, Binh Thuan People’s Committee, in tandem with Belgian Development Agency (BTC), jointly hosted a symposium to jumpstart the study and analysis of climatic data at present and in the future targeting water resources management at Luy River basin in the province. The event is in the framework of the project on “Integrated Water Resources Management and Urban Development in Relation To Climate Change in Binh Thuan Province”. 

At the symposium, the participants were presented the project on climatic data analysis at present and in the future serving water resources management in Luy River basin; the scientific base for assessing climate change and sea level rise scenarios for Binh Thuan; and latest updates about climate change globally and in Vietnam. The event also provided a platform for the scientists and experts to discuss current adverse impacts of climate change in Vietnam. Accordingly, climate change situation has become increasingly complex which results from increases in the concentration of Green House Gases due to human activities. Reports showed that climate change has prompted extreme changes. Accordingly, droughts have taken place in many locations, particularly severe droughts. Heat wave bouts rose across the country. Extreme rains reduced significantly in the north-eastern but rose sharply in the south-central and Central Highlands regions. 

In Binh Thuan alone, long-lasting drought, rising seawater, flood-tide, and sea intrusion causing coastal erosion and climatic abnormalities have taken place constantly in recent years and become increasingly critical. Climate change is causing direct impacts and leaving serious consequences on people’s life. This is evidenced through the fact that at present, Binh Thuan residents are struggling to deal with the on-going drought severe consequences due to El Nino with more than 95,000 people lacking safe water and several thousand hectares of cultivated land incurring water shortages. Several hundred family households in coastal areas are living in critical conditions and facing the threat of losing houses, assets and land due to sea erosion. 

At the symposium, the participants exchanged experience, proposed diverse scenarios on climate change and presented necessary recommendations and action plans responsive to climate change implications for Binh Thuan in the upcoming time.

The project on Integrated Water Resources Management and Urban Development in Relation to Climate Change in Binh Thuan Province was funded by the Belgian government with a total investment capital of six million Euros for implementation from 2013 to 2019. Its core tasks are building and assessing changes of the chain of climatic features; producing weather and meteorological forecasts; and providing fundamental climatic, meteorological, and hydrological database which serve as an output for meteorological, hydrological and hydraulic forecast models in Binh Thuan.

According to the province’s action plan on dealing with climate change, about 51 projects worth more than VND3.8 trillion ($173.5 million) will be implemented in the province during 2012-2020.

Pham Hue